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Cruise 2017 program


Boarding after 6:00 PM. We leave as soon as everyone is on board!

Sunday: LefkadaBayKalamos

Departure at approx. 10:30 from Lefkada. We’ll cross the lagoon sailing for three miles through a large, well marked canal in the direction of a sheltered gulf surrounded by islands. We’ll have our first swim in the Wheat Field Bay. The crystal clear water will encourage cruise members to dive in and to forget whatever discomfort the trip may have caused. After toweling ourselves dry, we’ll have lunch; then, after a nap, we’ll sail in the direction of the island of Kalamos. There, a candle light dinner will easily help us slide into the arms of Morpheus.

Monday: Kalamos – Astakos – Ithaca

We’ll circumnavigate the island of Astakos and stop in the island of Atoko, in the Bay of the House. The island is uninhabited and is at the centre of Ithaca canal, in a splendid bay where you cannot tell the colors of the sea and the sky apart. A tiny church is the only building on the island. The north-west wind usually starts blowing in the early afternoon, so we hoist our sails and leave in the direction of Ithaca, an island full of history and school-book fascination. The approach to Harbor Bay is always very windy but everything calms down as the sun sets. While looking for Ulysses’ bed, which according to legend was carved into the trunk of a single olive tree, we’ll find plenty of bars and coffee-shops with excellent drinks and delicious pastries.

Tuesday: Ithaca – Filiatro- Sivota

After restocking the storeroom, we’ll set sail towards the bay of Filiatro in the island of Ithaca, in a landscape framed by crystal clear waters and the white sands. The shadow of our sailboat will be reflected in the water as though suspended in the air. In the afternoon we’ll sail towards Sivota, which we’ll reach after sailing close to the wind for approx. 15 miles. We’ll spend the night there and, if possible, we’ll stock up on water and power at the quay. There is also diving in Sivota: take advantage of it if you like scuba diving!

Wednesday: Sivota – Katziki HarborFiscardo

We’ll leave early in the morning with destination Katsiki Harbor. We cross the canal separating Kefalonia from Lefkada, and as soon as we pass the Cape of Sappho’s Leap you’ll get to admire the dreamiest, turquoise water you have ever seen. We’ll slip in the water and eventually swim in to the beach. If the wind lets us, we’ll have lunch there, or we’ll hoist the sails and quickly, pushed by the wind, fly the 10 miles that separate us from Kefalonia. We’ll moor in Fuscardo harbor (the Greek Portofino), in the lap of luxury, where fancy shops, incredible sail boats and yachts lay there  waiting for us.

Thursday: Fiscardo - Meganisi

In the morning, after taking our sweet time, we’ll sail towards Nidri, a tourist village in the island of Lefkada with plenty of fresh supplies. We’ll re-stock there and direct ourselves to the bay of the Atheni harbor  in the island of Meganisi where we’ll spend the night under the stars. Based on what we bought, either we’ll grill our meal on the beach or we’ll make a nice fish dinner.

Friday: MeganisiSkorpiosLefkada

In the morning, after waking up with a nice dive in cool water, we’ll circumnavigate the island of Skorpios, which is owned by the Onassis family. You’ll choose where to swim and have lunch. In the afternoon we’ll go towards another small bay for the last swim in this cruise. When the wind blows steadily on our sails we’ll reach the canal that takes us back to Lefkada.


After breakfast, we’ll start the disembarking procedures and you’ll leave the boat by 10,00. Usually ferries leave for Italy in the evening from Igoumenitza, which you can reach by bus or taxi. If you have a car, on the way back, you can visit the picturesque town of Parga, which in 2007 was awarded  the Blue Flag for having the most beautiful beach.

Price boarding boats for Bavaria 40 and Bavaria 46

Price boarding boats for catamarano Lagoon 421

*price per person

There are a maximum of:

6 seats for Bavaria 40

8 seats for Bavaria 46


Sailing boat, skipper costs, linen, covered, kitchen set are included.



you can request the cooking service, to be agreed when booking.

To come to Greece just the Identity Card valid as part of the European Community. We always recommend that you also bring the Health Card so you can show if you require to use the hospital service or medical in general.

You must not wear real boat shoes during our cruises, simply just a couple of sneakers with white sole and only use on board, so as not to bring sand or other impurities, because then we have to lay abbronze to the same place where we walked.

Well yes! In a cruise on a sailing boat are highly recommended soft suitcases as much easy to stow also because frequently especially in the crews that are formed in boarding the cabin there are people who are at their first experience and for fear of not having all the necessary bring with it an superfluous baggage. Nothing more wrong! Remember that in a cruise on a sailing boat does not need neither high heels smoking.

The type of boat Rental with skipper you select the sailing boat that best suits your needs, for example if you are a group of four / five friends a boat with three cabins as might be the Bavaria 38 and Bavaria 40 and will have a skipper at your disposal, which as far as possible try to accommodate your requests, you can choose the cruise itinerary, for example, or decide when to leave the mooring in the morning or decide to stay two days in the bay, you will be free to design the your vacation sailing measure.

In the type of Boarding the cabin you purchase a boat cabin. That is with you there will be other people who will know only when boarding and beginning of the cruise. During the week by boat, you will share the management of the galley, the reorganization of the boat, the kitchen, divide your expenses and you will make new friends. Together you will decide if small itinerary changes will all agree, even if the route has been already decided.

Absolutely no! We have chosen as a naval base for our own charter Ionian Greece departing from Lefkada, precisely because it is an area that lends itself to navigation on a sailing boat even for those without a lot of rental experience, or for those who want to try this type of vacation while having no cruise experience by boat. The stretch of sea in which we sail sailing during your week in a boat, surrounded by islands and this makes it very well repaired as far as the sea. Usually in the morning the wind is absent, he gets up in the early afternoon until evening, and when the sun slowly calms down, too.

Cabin boarding is the solution in which each participant or couple buy a cabin on a boat with other people plus the skipper. Know new people, they divide your expenses and you divide the tasks.

Of course! You do not need any sailing experience to go on a cruise on a sailing boat with skipper or cabin charter, but indeed it may be the best way to get closer to sailing.