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Avelecazzate organizes sailboat cruises with skipper and offers bareboat rental in the Greek Ionic islands.

Vacationing in a sailboat is the best way to visit the Ionic side of Greece.

The sailing boat allows you to sail in the bay bay, islands and harbors change every day.
The association is shipping Avelecazzate sail a fleet that can accessed by clicking on the Fleet, also can supply you with boats all over the world by shipping companies of his confidence that he knows personally (Croatia, Corsica, Caribbean, Greece, Sardinia, Elba, Argentario) always ensuring a quality boat.
The sailing association are personally cared for and maintained by members Robert and Romina with meticulous care in cleaning is to offer the best in the accessories market, all the boats are brand new.
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Our sailing boats are full of tender, outboard, bimini, gps, hot water, wind station, depth sounder, log, WHF ... Full optional
Avelecazzate is the birth of the newly established since 2006 but is the result of the skipper Roberto Linguerri for 30 years plows the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, with more constancy the seas of Ionian Greece, Croatia and the Caribbean.